Bringing aerial logistics coverage to the world

Cloudline leverages lighter-than-air technology and the latest developments in unmanned aerial vehicles to bring high value deliveries to those who face inadequate access

Unprecedented payload and range

Cloudline's payload and range combination exceeds any commercial available drone delivery service

Uncompromising safety in any situation

To operate in a truly autonomous mode over long distance we need unquestionable safety - should things go wrong, our airships float, not fall

Priced for broader application

We bring aerial logistics unit costs to a level that allows mainstream adoption for a variety of goods into areas with poor last-mile delivery

Why Airships?

Outside of dense urban agglomerations where ground logistics is fast and efficient, rural and remote communities face situations ranging from costly delivery to no access at all. Our payload, range and cost combination makes it possible to serve these segments with a variety of products.

Fixed-wing and multicopter drones have opened up new ways for utilising aerial transport. Specifically, their navigation and control technology has become cheap and widely accessible. In a cargo carrying role, however, multicopters are severely limited in payload and endurance. Fixed-wings fare much better in range (and can run on carbon fuels), but need to weigh five times the cargo the they carry. Since airships use lifting gas to generate lift, they have greater energy efficiency than other aerial modes.

Airships are the marathoners of aerial delivery. We are clear about the tradeoffs we make to achieve our performance. Airships are typically slower than other modes and their size makes them vulnerable to wind. They are not suited to express on-demand deliveries in dense urban settings. We have comfort with these trade-offs, because our customers care about reliability, cost and reach. These operating characteristics allow us to integrate with existing logistics networks, expanding them into underserved areas.